It's good to print this page so that you can have it handy
                         when getting a walk-through.
                         Any system which does Delivery for pizzerias, etc., MUST
                         also do Take-Out, Fast-Food, Drive-Thru and so on. 
                         Coincidentally, it should also work very well in cafeterias
                         or General Retail stores.
                         When evaluating a system for Taking telephone orders for
                         delivery, be sure you can go through the following steps.
                         You should be able to emulate the use of a touchscreen
                         by using your mouse.
                         When entering items, be SURE to see if you could put in
                         an item such as: Hamburger/Well Done/Tomato/Onion/French Fries.
                         With Foodman you can have up to eight modifiers per item
                         in addition to Special Instructions.  Some POS systems are
                         restricted in the number of modifiers per item. 
                         1. Take an order for a NEW CUSTOMER. This must include
                              capturing the essential customer information keyed
                              to their phone number. In addition, it should ensure
                              that the customer is within the store's delivery area.
                              It should not require that the street, city, state
                              and zip be entered by the operator.
                         2. Take another order for another new customer.
                         3. Take a second order for the first customer you created.
                              (This lets you see that the information was correctly
                              captured when you took the first order.)
                         4. Do a Take-out order.
                         5. Print a report which gives you a listing of all checks
                              for the day. This would show your total income for the day
                              plus other useful totals.
                         6. Create a new Category in the menu, e.g. Sushi.
                         7. Add some new items to the menu in the Sushi category.
                         8. Change the price of an item in the menu.
                         9. Do another Take-Out order using items in the Sushi category.
                         If you can do all of the above simply and quickly, add the
                         software to your short-list.
                         Otherwise. . .