Credit Card Validation Software.
For those people who want to check credit cards using the computer, in spite of what we recommend, we Googled a few, and downloaded them to see if they worked. One of the many problems with Windows (All Versions) is that different software systems can conflict with other software causing them to crash. We downloaded them, and ran them at the same time that Foodman was running. They all ran OK. This does not mean, however, that they would necessarily work on YOUR computer, nor does it mean that they could never have a problem. The following was written in May, 2008, depending on when you are reading it, things may have changed and the following may no longer be valid. Please note that we are NOT recommending any of them. This information is merely provided to you to help you make your final decision as to how to handle credit cards. We do not sell any of them. You must download them for yourself, run them while Foodman is running (even the demonstration version of Foodman) and see if you like them. Note that some of them have advanced features which may, or may not, be of value to you.
Credit Card Check Tool. - This is Freeware - it appeared to work. Whether you would ultimately be required to register the software for a fee is not known to us. Download a copy from: Credit Card Check Tool.

PCCharge (Verifone) $195.00 - We downloaded the demo and it appears to work OK. It takes the full screen and has several options, none of which we examined. We did not determine if they charge for support. Although it is the most expensive of those tested, it may have features which you want. Download a copy from: Verifone

AnyCard - License Fee is $24.95. This one has many features, none of which we explored. It seemed to work OK just for the basic number verification. Download Anycard from: Anycard

X-Charge - It requires a password to download demo so you have to call them up to get it. After doing that, the software can not be used until it is 'configured'. We called again to get assistance and were told we would be called back. No-one ever called so we gave up.

Credit Card Verifier - Freeware. It seemed to work OK, but is basically just for number verification. But, then, it is free. Download a copy from: Credit Card Verifier

Card Check Credit Card Verifier - $19.00 - This is a basic program which appeared to work OK for us. Download this one from: Card Check Credit Card Verifier

EZVerify - The price is not noticeable on the website. When you run this, it asks for a password but does not seem to mind if you do not provide one. It appears that you have to provide not only the card number, but the expiration date, name, address, email address and zip code before it will do the validation. The website also says that the software has to be configured but we didn't do any configuration. After filling all the fields, you then get a full-screen acceptance message (shown reduced size below). This appears full-screen and cannot be read in its entirety without scrolling. You have to close the window to continue. This system has many features, none of which we explored beyond basic card number validation. Download EZverify from: EZVerify

ICVerify - This is one of the well-known systems. Amazingly it is not available for Vista. Their technical support was not wonderful. Since we run Vista, we gave up.