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There are lots of NEW restaurant POS systems
designed for the iPad and other tablets. But, before you buy,
you had better read about the problems with tablets: Click Here.

If you have a Restaurant with Table-Service and occasional Take-Out then you need to check out Server-Station. Easy-to-Learn, Easy to use, fast, efficient Restaurant POS (point-of-Sale) software which you can install yourself. Click on the banner below to learn all about it. Our Home-Delivery system does LOTS more than delivery. It can be used for Fast-Food, Drive-thru, Cafeterias, Take-Out, General Retail, QSR, etc. The system also recognizes UPC codes for fast check-out. Click on the banner below to learn more. If you can find a better Food-Service POS system than Foodman, we'll buy it for you! Our Software can be changed to use ANY language!

Click on these links to learn everything you need to know about Restaurant POS systems.

Click on the Flag for the Australian version of Foodman.
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POS software for restaurants, table-service, fast-food, drive-thru, take-away,      
pizza, pizzerias, bars, night clubs, hotels, home-delivery, office-delivery,
corporate catering, QSR, residential delivery, general retail, cafeterias, etc.

You really can save thousands by building your own POS system for your Restaurant, Pizzeria, Fast-Food, Cafeteria, Catering or General Retail business. We provide FREE support and advice pertaining to building your own POS system, so feel free to call 800-971-3663 to discuss your requirements.

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