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Established 1986
This is a No-Nonsense WebSite.

Industrial-Strength Do-it-Yourself Point-of-Sale Software.
The most helpful POS website on the Internet.
POS software for restaurants, table-service, fast-food, drive-thru, take-away,
pizza, pizzerias, bars, night clubs, hotels, home-delivery, office-delivery,
corporate catering, residential delivery, general retail, cafeterias, etc.

Server-Station - POS for all Table-Service Restaurants, it does Take-Out, Eat-In, too. Tons of Features!

Home-Delivery - The Fastest POS software for Residential Delivery, Take-Out, Eat-in, Fast-Food, Pizza, General Retail, Cafeterias, etc.

Office-Delivery - Sophisticated POS software system for corporate catering, office lunches, etc. There is nothing else like it!

You really can save thousands by building your own POS system for
your Restaurant, Pizzeria, Fast-Food, Cafeteria, Catering or General Retail business.

We provide FREE support and advice pertaining to building your own POS system, so
feel free to call 800-971-3663 to discuss your requirements.

Buy Foodman Restaurant POS Software Systems on-line via PayPal. Click on the PayPal logo to buy on-line. If you want, we can ship the software via FedEx COD.

When you look at the quotes you get from Aloha, Remanco, Micros,
Squirrel, RestEz etc., you start to reach for the Excedrin.

Don't throw money away - Do-it-Yourself and you will save
THOUSANDS of dollars. For an example of how much you can save, see:
Compare Restez to D-I-Y

We don't sell hardware. We only sell software.
This way, you can go out and buy your own hardware and save
thousands of dollars. To help you find the right stuff, here
are some links selling what you need.

When you buy any hardware, be sure you get a warranty
and check their return policy before you buy.
(These links are provided for your convenience, we do not endorse them
nor do we receive commission if you buy from them.)

Click here to see the MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS for a Foodman computer.

Tiger has lots of really inexpensive computers and touchscreens. Click here to go to TigerDirect.

You can find great computer bargains to build your own system and save lots of money doing it on ebay. Click here to go to the ebay site.

Here is a site which specializes in surplus and refurbished computers. Click here to go to Surplus Computers.

Elo makes a large variety of touchscreens.
Click here to go to Elo's site.

DGA is a Point-of-Sale Specialist.
Click here to go to DGAHOUSTON for hardware.

Here is a site with lots of POS printers.
Click here to go to Receipt Printers.

Let your delivery personnel verify the customer's credit card at the customer's door via cell-phone!
Click here to go to SecurePay Wireless.

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Restaurant POS Software for TABLE-SERVICE Restaurants.
Restaurant POS Software for FAST-FOOD Restaurants.
Restaurant POS Software for PIZZERIAS.
Restaurant POS Software for HOME-DELIVERY.
Restaurant POS Software for CAFETERIAS & GENERAL RETAIL.

Do-it-Yourself and SAVE THOUSANDS!.

Free Support - Free Updates.

Here are some links which might prove useful.

Chef2Chef Culinary Directory

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