Minimum Hardware Requirements for Foodman.

Modern computers are really ridiculously fast. Even the slowest computer made today is much more powerful than a simple point- of-sale system requires. This is good, it means you can buy the cheapest computer you can find. The smallest hard-drive which you can buy today is about 10GB; big enough to save all your stuff for several years. If you have old computers sitting in the closet dig them out. If they will run Windows (any flavor) they will run Foodman. Try them out to see if they work out OK.

Refurbished equipment usually comes with a six-month warranty. The odds are that if it survives the warranty period, it will have a normal life-span. So, give refurbished stuff serious consideration. Your minimum requirements for a PC running Foodman, either single-user or network are:
1. Any Windows PC, 1ghz and up. 2. One hard-drive. 3. One CD drive to load Windows. 4. 512meg of RAM. (At least 1024meg on the FILE-SERVER.) 5. A network card (if using a network). 6. One parallel and two serial ports. (For printers and touchscreens.) 7. A mouse. 8. A keyboard. 9. Use a USB Memory Stick for making backups. Do NOT spend more than $300.00 for a PC!
Some of the computers will not have Windows. Be sure to ask if they come with Windows. Foodman will run on any version of Windows, Vista included.
You can usually buy computers with AMD processors for less than ones with Pentium processors. They will work just fine.
Any Windows, including Vista, computer will run Foodman with no problems.
If you plan on using a TouchScreen, buy a computer which does not include a Monitor.
Feel free to call us when you find a computer to see if it will be suitable on 800-971-3663.