Yes, YOU can DO-IT-YOURSELF, here's how:

(It doesn't matter which Foodman! system you are interested in, the following applies to all of our systems.)
Assume that you want a 3-station touchscreen system; two PCs in the dining room, one PC at the bar. It is not necessary to have a dedicated File-Server PC in the back-office. Each station would have a Receipt Printer and would share 'Make-Up' printers in the kitchen and bar areas.
You can shop around for inexpensive PCs and Receipt Printers, cash drawers, Touchscreen monitors on the Internet. There are lots of people selling industry-standard (Windows) hardware. Find one you feel comfortable with and save, save, save. Also, see the links to hardware vendors on
Bear in mind that ALL POS hardware is designed for the PC and works with all versions of Microsoft Windows.
This is what you need:
1. 3 Inexpensive PCs. These should be the least expensive new PCs you can find. The price should be no more than $300.00 each. Total = $900.00. It is perfectly OK to use PCs which use AMD or Cyrix processors rather than Intel to save some more money. (No Monitor on these.) These PCs should have 1gb RAM, Hard Drive, CD drive, 1 parallel and 2 serial ports. One of the three would be designated as the 'File-Server' and it should have at least 2mg RAM. (More RAM is better). All three PCs would use the same version of Microsoft Windows and the Foodman software would be installed on the File-Server ONLY. All the PCs will need Network Interface Cards (NICs) to talk to each other.
2. 3 Touchscreen monitors. These start at approximately $350.00 each - Total = $1050.00. You can use the keyboard or the Touchscreen with Foodman. Depending on the size of your food Menu, you might be better off using the keyboard and save the money on the touchscreen monitors and just use regular monitors instead (1024x768 required).
3. 3 40-column receipt printers. You can buy Star, Citizen Epson or any other brand of printer - these start at about $200.00 each - Total = $600.00. We strongly recommend that you use Parallel rather than Serial printers since Windows has a tendency to not like Serial printers. You can get extra Parallel ports on the PCs, if required. Add another $200.00 for each additional kitchen or bar printer you might need.
4. Microsoft Windows - $189.00 (approx).
5. Foodman Software (Network version) $995.00. Single-user is $595.00.
All hardware prices are approximate. If you want to get a Laser printer, cash drawers (about $150.00) or other stuff, go ahead.
This adds up to $3734.00 for a 3-station POS system. Compare that to the megabucks quotes from your Aloha, Micros, Squirrel, RestEz dealers, etc.
The printers and monitors just attach to the PCs. You install Windows, install Foodman, set-up Windows for networking and you are in business. You may have to have special cables made depending on the distance things are from each other.
If you feel a bit uncomfortable doing the installation yourself, just buy the hardware first (call us to check that you are doing it correctly) and then pay a local computer store to install everything, make cables, and get Windows working. Microsoft will provide support for networking problems.
It shouldn't take more than a day to get everything set up and working to your satisfaction. Try it - you'll like it!