A lot of POS systems include Credit Card processing capabilities
           which are built-in. One of the reasons for this is that the
           hardware vendors can sell you more hardware and make more money.
           When you buy and use their stuff, they also make a percentage
           on each credit card transaction.
           We do not have built-in credit card processing and think that
           they best way is to use the hardware provided by your local bank
           for credit card processing.
           The advantage to this is that you do not have to tie up your
           POS computer to check a credit card. If someone is using the
           POS computer and you want to check a card, you have to wait 
           your turn to use the computer.
           When you use the separate equipment, one person can be checking
           a card and the other using the POS computer at the same time.
           That has to be an advantage.
           Furthermore, using the POS computer for card processing adds
           complexity which you just don't need.
           So, get the equipment from the bank and use that.
           If you really want to use the computer, there are numerous
           software packages which will run on your POS computer for
           card processing. Be aware that other software may interfere
           with Foodman.

           One final comment: if you use the computer to validate
           credit cards via the Internet, you run the risk of your
           computer receiving viruses and worms over the Internet
           which can adversely affect your PC.  Additionally, having
           the PC connected to the Internet offers the temptation
           to your employees to 'surf' the Internet when time
           allows.  This is NOT a good idea on the PCs you run
           your business with.

           We tested a few of the available systems and our observations
           can be found at: Credit Card Validation Software