Point of Success has two systems, one for $299.00 and one for
                             $599.00. The following was taken from the Point of Success website on

                             "Support Charges

                             First 30 Days after purchase - Telephone technical support 
                             is provided at no charge 
                             Per Incident - $39 per incident 
                             Six month Software Maintenance Plan with unlimited support, 
                             automatic shipment of software updates and substantial 
                             discounts on future version upgrade purchases - $199 
                             Support for installation and configuration of POS 
                             printers is available for $129 per hour 
                             Support for network configuration or troubleshooting is available 
                             for $129 per hour. This service is limited to configuring 
                             computers to recognize each other on the network and 
                             communicate for Point of Success database access. 
                             What Services are Offered with Telephone Technical Support?
                             Assistance with troubleshooting software problems 
                             Information on the use of software features "

                  The next sentence is a bit disturbing! 

                             "Telephone technical support services do not include training 
                             on set up or use of Point of Success software. 
                             Computer hardware, operating system and network questions 
                             should be referred to the support services of the providers 
                             of these components.""

                             So, assume you bought the $299.00 version. You would be ill-advised
                             to NOT take the $199.00 service contract - for a year. 
                             So, your actual cost is not $299.00 but $697.00.  There is
                             a good chance that you would need to spend $129.00 an hour
                             getting your printers and/or network to run properly.
                             So, let's add another $258.00 for more than one hour of
                             such support to give us a total of $955.00.
                             You would probably want to get their Time Clock package
                             which will cost you another $99.00. Now, we are up to 
                             a total of $1054.00.
                             As they say above, "Telephone technical support services 
                             do not include training on set up or use of Point of 
                             Success software". So, I guess we'll have to add another 
                             $49.00 to buy their CD which teaches you how to do your menu.
                             Grand total is now $1103.00 for your $299.00 system.

           Click here for more about that training CD.