Some POS vendors are remarkably candid about their software,
                             System3 POS says the following on their website (
                             "It might be a bit much for a first timer without some 
                             type of aid.  You can't fly this baby solo."
                             We tried running their demo and have to agree with the
                             above statement!
                             Creating your menu with System3 POS could be somewhat 
                             daunting. Try reading their manual about menu creation at: 
                             System 3 POS Menu Manual.          

                             We printed the System3 POS Menu manual (14 pages), and, to be sure,
                             learning how to create the menu is definitely not easy. See for
                             yourself by clicking the above link.
                             System3 POS provides a total of SEVENTEEN PDF manuals to learn
                             how to use their software.  SEVENTEEN!!!  Like to read manuals?
                             Get System3.
                             (Incidentally, System3 also has a 5-page manual dealing with
                             getting ready to do your menu.)
                             Remarkably, Foodman does not have ANY printed manuals! They
                             are not necessary since Foodman is SELF-EXPLANATORY.

                             Point of Success is another example of difficult menu setup.
                             On their website, they offer a $49.00 Training CD - this 
                             is what they have to say:

                             "Menu Builder Training CD

                             This CD plays on your computer, showing Point of Success' 
                             menu builder screens with instructor narration. Almost 
                             an hour of instruction will explain all aspects of 
                             menu design in Point of Success. A sample of the 
                             Menu Builder Training CD is available on the Download page."
                             (May 30th, 2004)
                             Quite frankly, Foodman would be embarrassed if it was 
                             necessary to charge an extra $49.00 for an HOUR-LONG(!)
                             CD explaining how to create and maintain your menu.
                             If Point of Success is so wonderful, why do they find it
                             necessary to sell a separate CD to teach you how to use
                             just one part of it?  Must be complicated, if you ask us!
                             Without belaboring the point, let it suffice to say that
                             most people can learn how to create their menu using Foodman
                             in about ten minutes, without resorting to an hour-long
                             training course which costs extra or reading a 14-page manual!
                             The primary reason for this is that Foodman is completely 
                             SELF-EXPLANATORY and, therefore, does not require extra 
                             training CDs or 14-page manuals.
                             If you would like us to prove this to you, at no cost
                             whatsoever, click on the following banner to request
                             a free evaluation copy of Foodman.  When you get it,
                             call 800-971-3663 and we will show you how to create
                             your own menu using our evaluation copy.