Foodman Home-Delivery - for Residential Delivery, Fast Food, Take-Out,
Drive-Thru, Cafeterias, General Retail.

Single-User $595.00 Multi-user (no limit) $995.00

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With Foodman you can use EITHER
the keyboard or the touchscreen to enter orders.
There is room for 54 items on the screen. No other POS
system has that many. Bigger is Better!

If the operator wants to use the KEYBOARD, they press F12
and the Menu Categories are displayed, like this:

Then, the items in the selected Category are displayed.
Items are entered by typing the two-character codes.

YOU decide whether you want to use the keyboard or touchscreen.

(IF you have a small menu, you are probably better off
using the keyboard - you'll save money on the touchscreens as well.)

When a NEW customer calls for the first time, you have to be
able to capture their name and address as efficiently as possible.

Foodman lets you create a Street-Index for your Delivery Area.
This eliminates the need for the operator to have to TYPE the
Street, City, State and ZIP for each new customer. That saves TIME.
It also ensures that you don't take orders outside your Delivery Area.

Using EITHER the keyboard OR the touchscreen, your operator only
enters the house number, the first letter of the street
name, and the customer's name. Foodman inserts the rest.

When a customer calls, the operator enters the phone number
and the customer's name and address and their last order
is displayed. The operator can then repeat the customer's
last order or a take a new one.

As you can see, everything you need to know about the customer
and their order is on ONE screen - not only the order,
but the operator who took the order, the time it was taken,
the driver it was assigned to, etc. - this is important information.

Designed for Industry-Standard 40-column POS printers
Customer Receipts contain everything about the order
in complete detail. Note the ROUTE INSTRUCTIONS for the driver.

At the end of the day, you don't want to spend time on paperwork.
Foodman gives you the basic information you need to operate
your business on the standard POS printer, like this:

Daily Sales Summary designed for the
POS printer looks like this:

Naturally, you can assign delivery orders to the drivers.
At the end of their shift, you can cash them out to be sure
you collect the correct amount - as follows:

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You can DOUBLE your business with Foodman!

Order-Takers can take TWICE as many orders with Foodman! than by hand.

Manual errors in price, addition, etc. are completely eliminated.

Errors and delays caused by poor handwriting are completely eliminated.

Foodman! not only improves the order-taking part of the business, but kitchen operations and the management of deliveries become more efficient, too.

Your ENTIRE operation becomes more efficient, and, therefore, costs less to operate.

When you consider how inexpensive Foodman! and personal computers, printers, etc. are it is a poor business decision NOT to install Foodman!

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- For Delivery, Take-Out, Eat-In, etc.
- Use TouchScreen or Keyboard
- Capture Customer Info on 1st call
- Reads UPC codes (with scanner)
- Repeat Customer's last order
- Take orders for Future days
- Automatic Street Look-up via Index
- Birthday Club
- $100 Club
- Lucky Numbers on Receipt
- Specials
- Special Instructions
- Route Instructions on Receipt
- Price and No-Price modifiers
- On-Screen Menu Lookup
- Unlimited Menus
- Unlimited Coupons
- Unlimited Discounts
- Delivery Charges
- Sales Reporting
- Sales Analysis and Costing
- Inventory
- Mailing Labels
- Delivery/Pickup/Take-Out/Eat-In
- Consolidate multiple locations
- Personnel Manager
- Delivery Manager - Track deliveries
- Password Protection
- Time Clock - Hours-Worked
- Accounts Payable
- Sales by Customer
- No Manual to Read
- Declining balance for school cafeterias.
- Self-Explanatory Design
- and much more!

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