Touchscreens start at about $350.00 each. If you need three or four stations, this expense can add a lot to your total POS bill.
There is no question that using the keyboard can be faster than a touchscreen since you can use both hands easily.
However, the size of the menu can be a factor in your decision to use a touchscreen or the keyboard.
If you have a small menu your employees will memorize the menu-codes in a short time and will be able to use the keyboard very quickly.
On the other hand, if you are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner you may have a large menu. In this case, it is probably easier to use a touchscreen than the keyboard.

Be aware that the mouse can be used on the Foodman touchscreens. Some people claim that using the mouse is quicker than using the touchscreen. This makes sense because moving the arm from, for example, from the bottom-left to the top-right takes more time than moving the mouse. It is perfectly viable to use the mouse if you don't want to spend the money on touchscreens, and some people do. Remember that you can use EITHER the keyboard, the touchscreen or the mouse with all Foodman systems.
We usually recommend that you buy the software before you buy any touchscreens. This lets you setup your menu and work with it first. Then, you can decide if you can use the keyboard or a touchscreen.
The choice is yours.

Here is a screen-shot of a Foodman Touchscreen.

And here is a screen-shot of the screen which shows the operator the items with their menu-codes so that the keyboard can be used.