Single-User $595.00 Multi-user (no limit) $995.00

You know what they say: "If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere".  
Well, Foodman Office-Delivery was born and bred (in 1986) in Manhattan and 
a wide variety of New York corporate caterers, restaurants, delivery 
specialists, etc. use Office-Delivery.

Here's a few of them:
Mangia, Fisher & Levy, Piatti Pronti, McDonald's, Mom's Bagels, The Famous Wolf's, Savories, Pizzeria Figaro,
Taste Bud, Continental Chef, Lyn's Cafe,  etc. Large corporations like
Viacom, Bear Stearns, Chase, Ameritech, etc. also use Office-Delivery for their internal catering.
Use 1024x768 to Duplicate the Appearance of Foodman Screens.

With Foodman you can use EITHER the keyboard or the touchscreen to enter orders.

Here is a simple Sandwich category, which everyone can relate to,
to give you an idea of what the touchscreen looks like.
The operator selects the category and the items in the category
are displayed. The operator touches the screen to enter the items.
You can also use the mouse on the touchscreens.
This is what the touchscreen looks like.


If the operator wants to use the keyboard, they press F12
and the Menu Categories are displayed, like this:

The operator selects the Category by typing the letter next to it.

Then, the items in the selected Category are displayed. Items are
entered by typing the two-character codes, see the screen-shot below.

You decide whether you want to use the keyboard or touchscreen.

When a NEW customer calls for the first time, you have to be
able to capture their name and address as efficiently as possible.

The following screen-shot shows the capture of a new customer.
The next time this customer calls, he just gives his Account (5683).

As the operator ends taking the order, the Invoice is printed. Invoices can 
be 5x8 or 8x11. On a Laserjet printer, two invoices can be printed side-by-side 
in Landscape mode. Thus, you get two invoices on one piece of perforated 
8x11 paper. You can use custom forms too, if you want.

Invoices can also be printed on any dot-matrix printer using multi-part
continuous forms.

At the same time that the Invoice is printed, 'Make-Up slips' can be printed in the different preparation areas to tell your employees what to make. You can also print separate Invoices for multiple individuals on the same order. This facilitates preparing a separate bag or box for each individual.

With Foodman, you can take both cash and House-Charge orders.
At the end of the day, House-Charges are posted to Receivables
automatically. Your accountant will like the Invoice Listing
(see below) very much.

You can run statements for your House-Charge customers
once or twice a month. They will print on a Laserjet
or a dot-matrix printer with continuous forms.

Foodman also has the ability to send current charges to customers via email.

You can print a Daily Sales Summary whenever
you need to for any day.

There is a lot of information about each order which your operators
really NEED to know. Information about delivery charges, minimum orders,
discounts, credit card information, special instructions, delivery time,
customer name, address and telephone, the name of the person placing
the order, who took the order, when it was taken, when the order has
to be delivered, etc. as well as the items on the order itself, all
must be readily available to your operator. Foodman puts EVERYTHING
on one screen for the ultimate in convenience.


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You can DOUBLE your business with Foodman!

Order-Takers can take TWICE as many orders with Foodman! than by hand.

Manual errors in price, addition, etc. are completely eliminated.

Errors and delays caused by poor handwriting are completely eliminated.

Foodman! not only improves the order-taking part of the business, but kitchen operations and the management of deliveries become more efficient, too.

Your ENTIRE operation becomes more efficient, and, therefore, costs less to operate.

When you consider how inexpensive Foodman! and personal computers, printers, etc. are it is a poor business decision NOT to install Foodman!

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- Use TouchScreen or Keyboard
- Cash and Charge Accounts
- Repeat Orders
- Separate bags for individuals
- Multiple Kitchen Printers
- Minimum Orders
- Delivery Charges
- No-Tax Charge Accounts
- Automatic Service Charge
- Accounts Receivable
- Bill-To and Deliver-To addresses
- Custom Forms
- Daily Specials
- Special Items
- Special Instructions
- Multiple Departments in Accounts
- Production Reports
- Sales and Inventory Reports
- Delivery Manager - Track Orders
- Take Future Orders
- Side-by-Side Invoices on Laserjet
- Eight modifiers per Item
- Cash-Out Runners
- Capture Cash Customers
- Mailing Labels
- Sales/Cost Analysis
- Consolidate Multiple Locations
- Automatic Post to Receivables
- Interface to Quickbooks, etc.
- Credit Cards for Cash Customers
- eMail Features
- Bill customers via eMail.
- Special-Billing Information.
- Accounts Payable
- and too much more to list

Standard Commercial Systems
Englewood, New Jersey, 07631
Established 1986