Foodman Server-Station - Point-of-Sale for Table-Service Restaurants.

Single-User $595.00 Multi-user (no limit) $995.00

Free Support - Free Updates

Foodman is so simple, servers can learn how to use it in
just a few minutes. See the actual screen-shots below:

Servers use one finger on either the keyboard or touchscreen
to tell Foodman what they want to do.
They can either touch the individual buttons, or, they can type
the letter on the button.

Note the text on the right of the screen - this explains
how Foodman is used by the Server.

With Foodman your Servers can use EITHER the keyboard or the touchscreen
to enter food and bar orders.

The server selects the category and the items in the category
are displayed. The server touches the screen to enter the items.

Please note that there can be up to 54 menu items on a single touchscreen.
There are no other POS systems which have as many. Period.

If the server wants to use the keyboard, they press F12
and the Menu Categories are displayed, like this:

The server selects the Category by typing the letter next to it.

Then, the items in the selected Category are displayed. Items are
entered by typing the two-character codes.

YOU decide whether you want to use the keyboard or touchscreen.
In the real world, servers can enter things faster on the keyboard
than on the touchscreen. If you have a small menu, you might be
better off using the keyboard and so save the expense of touchscreens.

After the Server is all done entering the order, it is shown as on the
next screen. Everything the Server needs to know about the order
is on that one easy-to-read screen.

The Guest Check is designed for industry-standard 40-column
POS printers.

Whenever you feel like it, you can print a Listing of all
the checks on the standard POS printer.

You can print a brief Sales Summary at any time. This too,
is designed for the standard POS printer.

With Foodman, you don't need a full-time cashier. When the
server's shift ends, you just cash them out, like this:

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When you install a POS system in your restaurant, several things happen:

Overall efficiency is improved.

Errors caused by poor handwriting, etc. are completely eliminated.

Pricing errors and arithmetic errors are completely eliminated.

Walking orders to kitchen is eliminated.

Fraud and Theft are reduced.

You get control over everything.

Your overall costs are reduced.

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- Use Touchscreen, Touchpad or Keyboard
- House Charges
- Discounts
- Gift Certificates
- Taxed and no-tax items
- Unlimited Menus
- Multiple kitchen/bar printers
- Separate checks by individual
- No-Tax checks
- Split checks
- Gratuities
- Server Banking
- Cashier not needed
- Cash-Out Servers
- Daily Specials
- Time-Clock
- Hours-Worked Report
- Scheduling
- Daily Sales Summary
- Sales/Cost Analysis
- Accounts Receivable
- Accounts Payable
- Multiple Payment Methods
- Fast Take-Out
- and much more.

Some screen shots are abbreviated to reduce download time.


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