Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY a POS system until you have
                         had a 'walk-through' or 'guided tour' of the software.
                         If a vendor does not have a downloadable demo, DO NOT
                         even consider them.
                         You have to be careful when you buy a POS system. Some are hard
                         to learn, hard to use, some are restricted in their features,
                         most are buggy.  And, the majority do NOT provide Free Support
                         so, the actual cost may be substantially greater than the initial 
                         purchase price.
                         Basically, all POS systems do the same essential things. The
                         manner in which they do all those things can, however,
                         be dramatically different in terms of efficiency and speed. 
                         You don't want to make a hasty or ill-advised decision when
                         you are buying a system to run your business.
                         Again, whatever you do, INSIST on receiving a demo version
                         of the software (NOT a Slide Show or PDF file) so that you
                         can evaluate it properly. Ideally, get the vendor to walk
                         you through the software over the phone so that you can
                         see exactly how it works.  This is VERY important.
                         This brings up the problem of exactly HOW you evaluate
                         a POS system for your business.
                         One thing for sure, DO NOT select a POS system based solely
                         on price. And, do not buy one because you like the general appearance.

                         Click here to see how a $299.00 system can add up.

                         In order to help you in your evaluation, we have prepared
                         two routines which you should follow to evaluate a system
                         for Table-Service or Delivery/Take-Out/Fast Food.
                         When evaluating the software, keep a count of the number of
                         steps involved in each operation, i.e., how many keystrokes
                         or screen-touches does each step require. 
                         Also, think about how you would find training your staff
                         in the use of the software. How long might it take?
                         Remember that you should be able to use your Mouse on
                         the screens as though you had a touchscreen.

                         Click here for Table-Service Evaluation Routine.
                         Click here for Delivery/Take-Out Evaluation Routine.

                         The majority of POS systems are designed to be pretty. Whatever
                         you do, don't choose a system because you like the colors or the
                         way that it looks. You can read more about POS system design 
                         and usability by Clicking here. 

                         Here is an example of a pizza POS screen from SpeedLine. It is
                         obvious that appearance figured high in the designer's priorities.
                         See how much wasted space there is on the screen which could
                         be used, for example, for additional and more usable buttons
                         for the menu or, larger, more readable fonts.


                         Apparently designed to work with a mouse (the buttons are too
                         small and no one could use a finger on the toppings), it is a 
                         good example of a poorly designed POS system where a slick-appearing 
                         interface was their first priority in the design.
                         The other bad thing about SpeedLine is that it appears to
                         be designed ONLY for pizza. - what happens if you also sell
                         burgers, sandwiches, desserts, etc.? In reality, a well-designed 
                         POS for Food-Service should be able to be used by any type
                         of Food-Service business - Like Foodman.
                         It is not that we are opposed to 'prettiness' but NEVER at
                         the expense of efficiency. Accordingly, the Foodman screens are
                         not 'pretty', but they sure are efficient, easy-to-read and
                         easy-to-use and learn.  Function before Form.
                         The following Foodman  screen shot shows a sandwich category, 
                         but it could just as easily be pizza or anything else, including 
                         non-food items.  
                         We didn't waste time or screen space with fluff - this is 
                         Industrial-Strength, No-Nonsense software.
                         Look how big and easy to read the screen is. 
                         Most importantly, see how the big Foodman screen can accomodate
                         up to 54 menu items at a time, with simple, uncomplicated buttons 
                         which are very easy to setup.
                         So, what do you want, something which is nice and pretty or
                         something which is supremely efficient, totally dependable,
                         fast, easy to learn and use and comes with Free Support?

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